From Ottawa, Ontario, Amy is a graduate from Sheridan College's Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics, and Props  post-graduate program, after completing the Makeup for Media and Creative Arts program with certification and high honours.


  Makeup has always been her passion, especially when it comes to creative styling and vivid colours. Though she adores creating different looks for beauty and fun, her obsession with horror movies has also led to an interest in special effects. This prompted her to teach herself how to create prosthetics and use different techniques for desired effects. 

  She has been fortunate enough to work with several notable individuals throughout her career, including personalities such as David Hasselhoff, the Waters Brothers, and Spencer Crittenden.

  While she is mainly driven towards the film industry, she also thoroughly enjoys working on commercials, web series, photo shoots, and television. Other activities she enjoys are anything involving food (be it baking, cooking, or eating), exploring, seeing friends and family, watching movies, dancing, and dressing up for spirit based events. 

  Amy brings enthusiasm to each production she works on, and is happy to be a part of a dedicated team.


"Amy has been a pleasure to work with both professionally and personally. She always brings a positive attitude and energy to set even whilst working in high-pressure situations. Another quality that I have found to be helpful on set is her ability to communicate with clarity in order to deliver the best possible outcome. She voices her questions, concerns, and suggestions in a productive manner and is open to constructive criticism. She possesses the admirable qualities of a team player that I seek from set-to-set." -Chris Greef

"In every occasion, Amy has demonstrated high levels of professionalism and attention to detail while keeping an outstanding positive attitude with everyone around her. Her dedication to her craft has led a few of my peers and I to make Miss Fedorko a number one choice when putting a crew together for our projects. Working with Amy is a fun and relaxing process and every time she is able to make the vision that the director has in mind to life. Miss Fedorko is a pleasure to work with and you can be confident that she will deliver exactly what you expect of her. " - Laszlo Borondy

"Amy is a woman of great integrity and love for the art of makeup, both on set and off set. She is always early and eager to get to work. No matter what the request, Amy is able to fulfill my wishes to the highest degree, no matter how much work and lack of time she is given. She is 100% dedicated to her craft while also being a lovely person to have a conversation with." --Shea Davie

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